Mylène Farmer starred in the horror film

Милен Фармер снялась в фильме ужасов

Famous French singer and actress Mylène Farmer starred in the horror film “Ghosts of earth”. This is the first appearance of the actress on the screen since 1994. Journalists report that a press screening of the picture turned out dark and eerie as the film itself.

The Director of the film was Pascal Lowzier, and the shooting took place in Toronto, Canada and American new York. Mylene plays the main character. In the story she inherits a house from a deceased aunt, where he moves with the children. However, all is not well in the new monastery – the heroine of the Farm begins to torment a creature of the underworld, appears the Ghost of aunt.
Recall that the last time the actress participated in the filming of “Citadel” in 1994. In this film she played a young woman who had an affair with a young doctor after the Second world war. It is noteworthy that Director of the film was Laurent button, who filmed many videos for Mylene (most of them have erotic overtones and I like men). After the failure of the film “Citadel” in the rental and mutual claims to each other long term friendship and cooperation Mylene and Laurent stopped.

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