Жена рассказала о состоянии актера Алексея Янина после комы
The wife shared the good news.

Жена рассказала о состоянии актера Алексея Янина после комы

Alexey Yanin with his wife Daria

Photo: @Instagram yanina_dasha Daria Yanina

This winter the relatives of the actor Alexei Janina, who was in a coma for about a year and a half, spoke about improving his condition. The artist for the first time in a long time he regained consciousness and even began to talk. And just recently the wife of Alex — Daria re-shared with family and news that her husband continues to go on the mend.

“Alesha slowly, gaining small steps, progress is definitely there! Today, Alex is undergoing tests and confirms the status. In the near future, hopefully that will end up in rehab.Thank you all for your care and attention to our family! It is very valuable! Everything goes on as usual! God protects and helps! God bless you and your family! All happiness”, — said Yanina.

Alexey Yanin with his mother Olga

Photo: Social networks

Recall that two years ago, Alex suffered a severe stroke. Fighting for the life of Janina, the doctors were forced to put him in an artificial coma. It is assumed that the stroke was the result of overload at work and frequent travel. Doctors performed a craniotomy, and for a long time after that, the actor lived with the hope for a miraculous healing. Relatives of Ioannina transferred from hospital to hospital, passing one after the other rehabilitation courses. Largely thanks to the support of his family, he received a chance for a full recovery in the foreseeable future.