My daughter Poroshina at the airport almost took gifts for mom

У дочки Порошиной в аэропорту чуть не отобрали подарки для мамы

The girl flew to Minsk to congratulate Maria happy birthday.

November 1, Maria Poroshina turned 43 years. Now the actress and mother of many children is filming in Minsk with the youngest daughter, Glafira, who was born 3 Feb. To congratulate his mother came from Moscow and the eldest, Pauline.

I came to mom to Minsk only for one day – told Woman’s Day Pauline. — Brought gifts. For example, a toaster that mom really wanted. However, he was nearly detained at the airport, didn’t want to miss. But I said that it was a gift, and it missed. The sisters also gave gifts – drawings, crafts, everything, “own production”. In the evening go somewhere in a restaurant, and in the morning you will have to fly: waiting for studies (Polina – the student of Theatrical Institute. Schukin. — Approx. ed.).

We will remind that Maria has four daughters: Pauline (20) from civil marriage with actor Gosha Kutsenko, Seraphim (11 years old), Agrippina (6 years) and Glafira (9 months) from marriage to the actor by Ilya Drevnov.

In an interview with Woman’s Day, the actress confessed she always dreamed of a large family:

— I was the only child in the family and all the time asked that gave me a little brother or sister. And better not one I would like the house to be more people. But, unfortunately, this did not happen. As a kid I was bored one evening. My parents worked and I often stayed with my great-grandmother. We played checkers, read books, wrote poems on post-it notes (we had this game), and during these sessions, a great-grandmother often went to sleep. I woke and was indignant: “As so, I have no one to play?” Great grandmother used to tell me about your mother. She graduated from the Institute for noble maidens, went to the white lace collar, round glasses and a prayer, because he was a very pious man. And she had eight daughters. That’s such a large family I dreamed of for myself. With the birth of a third child, I had a new feeling, I realized that no matter how many kids, and they’re a joy. I had the feeling of a large family that I dreamed of as a child, and that’s fine. Of course, it would be interesting to try yourself in the role of boy’s mother, but we have these girls that complain.