Mutilated by a plastic surgeon Sasha Project sued the doctor 2 million

Изуродованная пластическим хирургом Саша Project отсудила у врача 2 миллиона

The name of the Sasha Project in the early 2000s sounded everywhere. But gradually the singer went dark and the audience completely forgot about it. A few years ago about the dancer talking with a new force, but not in the context of her work, but because of the multiple failed operations that have changed it beyond recognition. According to Sasha Project, she had to endure several surgeries that have made her a completely different person. Specialists the girl tried in order to correct nasal breathing and to tighten sagging Breasts. But Sasha is not desired for decided to sue the doctor who performed all the manipulations.

For several years Sasha needed to prove that the doctor really acted inappropriate with her plan, why was such a complicated situation.

Today it became known that the singer has won a court trial in this case. His joy Sasha shared with subscribers in Instagram: “remember Everything that I experienced! How long I suffered! Long have been fighting for justice and your health and life! 4 years in court and expectations! 4 years I’m walking around with a bomb in his chest! I’m afraid that the nose will SAG and fall out teeth! And can’t fix it, all these 4 years! as this is the only proof of the negligence of a doctor! Today considered the appeal of Mos Gor court! On payment clinic “BIOS” in my direction 2200000 for you!! And the court decided to leave the amount unchanged! So congratulate me on another victory! But I want to remind, that that party is still entitled to an appeal and not the fact that my suffering will end today”.