Муслим Магомаев: 10 малоизвестных фактов о кумире миллионов
The birthday of the great singer 7days.ru recalls his life and his voice.

Муслим Магомаев: 10 малоизвестных фактов о кумире миллионов

Moscow. People’s artist of USSR Muslim Magomayev during a speech at the new year “Blue light”

Photo: Vitaly Sozinov /Fotokhronika TASS

Today, the Muslim Magomayev would have turned 74 years. By today’s standards it’s not so much to live Yes to live, to sing, Yes sing. Magomayev died at 66, and the scene before that. But managed to remain in the hearts of people forever. It happens when we are talking about this talent: he, unlike the others, is eternal — as music, which Magomayev has spent most of his life.

1. In the veins Magomayev fancy mixed Russian, Tatar, Adyghe and Azerbaijani blood. On the question of national identity of Muslim Magometovich answered: “Azerbaijan — my father, Russia — my mother”.

2. The father of the singer, theater artist Mahammad Magomayev, was killed in action a few days before the victory. Mother, Ayshet Kinzhalova, left a young widow, went to look for the actor’s happiness in Vyshniy Volochek. Little Muslim left in Baku: grandma Bibigul daughter-in-law was not loved and the child she was not given. Therefore educate future singer uncle Jamal. That he Magomayev shall first lessons on the piano.

3. One day little Muslim, who was forced to learn to play the violin, he locked himself in his room and dismantled the tool into small parts. It was a violin Amati.

4. The same velvet baritone voice that has touched millions of women across the Soviet Union, appeared Magomayev in 14 years. At first he hid it from the family, went to the shore of the Caspian sea and sang, trying to drown the noise of the waves. Such was his first vocal lessons.

Visiting the people’s artist of the Russian Federation of Muslim Magomayev and Tamara Sinyavskaya.

Photo: Alexander Yakovlev /ITAR-TASS

5. For the first time Magomayev married at eighteen. The marriage did not last year, but the singer managed to become a father, then he was born the only daughter Marina.

6. Tamara Sinyavskaya, Magomayev which was called a woman all his life, he was introduced three times. The third time she lost patience and said, “Yes, we already know!”

7. The only time Magomayev was seriously thinking to become a “defector”, happened because of the unfairness of his concert Director. After learning that the Director “got”, friends advised the singer to stay in Paris, where he then toured, saying that the return is a term for economic crimes. But Magomayev returned to the USSR, where not without the help of the then Minister of culture Furtseva, the scandal was hushed up.

8. For a long time, Muslim Magomayev was the only Soviet singer allowed to sing in English.

9. The decision to go to the stage Magomayev took during training at Milan’s La Scala theatre. The Italians predicted him a brilliant career in Opera, but the young baritone decided that Opera is too boring. According to Magomayev, the part of Figaro was for him something of a show: sang — done, and now we have to do what you want.

10. At the end of his singing career, Magomayev did not give any “last concerts”. He stopped performing and concentrated on painting and sculpture. His decision, he explained simply: “Pop — art of the young. I sang long enough, it’s time to give way”.

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