Музыканта Игоря Дадаяна проводили в последний путь Jazzman passed away August 17. Igor Dadayan will be buried today in Krasnoyarsk. Family, colleagues, and fans can’t believe in the death of the famous artist. The man was 74 years old.
Музыканта Игоря Дадаяна проводили в последний путь

In Krasnoyarsk today is a farewell to the famous jazz musician Igor Datanom. About his death became known yesterday. However, while relatives and friends do not report what caused the sudden death of the artist. The man was 74 years old.

Relatives, friends and fans will come to say goodbye to the famous jazzman in the Armenian Church cemetery Babalik. This was reported in the Novosibirsk Philharmonic society.

“Left this world famous Krasnoyarsk jazz pianist, composer and talented representative of the mainstream in Siberia – Dadayan Igor Opricovic. On behalf of the Philharmonic Express the most sincere condolences!” – told the audience.

Fans and colleagues can’t believe what happened. They were quick to address words of support to the families of the musician. “Farewell To Igor! You stayed with us in the records, we will always remember you… May you rest in peace!”, “In memory of”, – this recording was very loyal listeners of the artist.

Igor Prasovic was born in Baku. From childhood he showed an aptitude in music. He decided to create an Amateur orchestra at the shipyard. During his career he has traveled to different cities and countries of the Soviet Union. He has led teams in Tomsk, Tbilisi, Dagestan.

The musician started quite late to learn – only in 1988, when he was 45 years old, he graduated from people’s University of the arts, which is located in Moscow. Igor Dadayan became a famous pianist and widely recognized talent of his colleagues and the audience.

Fans enjoy listening to his compositions. The most famous among them – “Melody of childhood,” “Always with me”, “the Ballad of tenderness”, “a Midnight whim, When I came to America,” “Under a slight degree”, “When September comes”. The man was regularly taken part in various festivals. In 2002 he was awarded the medal “For achievements in culture”.