Music stars have become the participants of the football tournament “Cup of Kindness”

Звезды музыки стали участниками турнира по футболу «Кубок Добра»
Your contribution to the International children’s football tournament “Cup of Kindness” brought the band from Holland “Disco Dicks”.

Звезды музыки стали участниками турнира по футболу «Кубок Добра»

Throughout the tournament, they supported the participants with their music, and guitar player Rutger Martens and drummer Stefan Wandel congratulated the young athletes with this feast of football and wished great victories.

In addition, your kind words addressed to participants of the tournament said the honorary guests of the event sports commentator of the First Channel Pavel Zanozin, a member of the Olympic and youth teams of Russia, the trainer of children’s sports school Alexey Shiyanov and music critic Boris Barabanov.

Звезды музыки стали участниками турнира по футболу «Кубок Добра»

The opening ceremony was held by showman Mikhail Grebenshchikov and actor Alexander Aleshkin, and the right to strike the first symbolic kick of the ball, was entrusted to a former player of the national Team of Russia, and nowadays the adviser of the President of FC Lokomotiv Moscow Dmitry Bulykina.

Звезды музыки стали участниками турнира по футболу «Кубок Добра»

Tournament “Cup of kindness” from 2016 is a non-profit Organization Charity Foundation “Under the flag of kindness” with the support of “British football school” in the summer and winter.

This year fought for the victory of the young footballers aged 10-12 years from different countries, including the UK, Israel, India, Nepal, Sweden, Turkey, South Africa, Finland and Russia.

First place went to the Russian team of children with the syndrome cerebral palsy “Spartak-Moscow” under the patronage of Soviet football player, master of sports of international class USSR and the bronze medalist in the 1980 Olympics Sergey Shavlo. The coach of the winning team was honored master of sports and champion of the Paralympic games 2000 in Sydney Viktor Morozov.
Second place and a prize of spectator sympathies was won by the team “Children-ambassadors of peace”, representing the foreign Ministry.

Звезды музыки стали участниками турнира по футболу «Кубок Добра»

I should add that the organizer of this event, a non-profit organization Charity Foundation “Under the flag of kindness” was established in 2005, prominent political and public figures with the aim of providing targeted financial assistance to children who need expensive treatment. The founders are Sergey Lavrov, Arkady Dvorkovich, Dmitry Kharatyan, Ilya Averbukh, Vyacheslav Fetisov. On the provision of targeted financial assistance to seriously ill children, the Foundation actively cooperates with the professional medical community, the Federal specialized scientific centers, research institutes, clinical regional, city and district hospitals, rehabilitation centres. For the whole period of activities of the Fund were assisted over 3,500 children with diseases included in the list consists of more than 200 diseases.

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