Music has connected them: a touching love story on the show “Dancing”

Музыка их связала: трогательная история любви на шоу «Танцы»

Dancer from the team of Egor Druzhinin Kostya Zajc told Woman’s Day about how you fell in love with one of the participants of the auditions of the project.

Kostya Zajc from Latvia and Anna Andryushchenko from Omsk met at the stage auditions of the third season of “Dancing”, and at least twenty of their pairs were only one coast, and Anya was forced to go back to his hometown, the relationship continues at a distance. And after the project, the couple plans to start a life together.

“I liked Anna at first sight, began his story on the coast. And she, too, apparently, because she immediately began to exchange glances… And then went for a walk with other participants and there have met. I knew immediately: this is it. Right spark ran. After that we started talking more often.

But it was running on the dance floor, for Dating just physically didn’t have the time nor the energy. And after the auditions we had gone a couple of months. But we waited for the meeting, actively texted, skyped with him, I even slept on Skype. And when finally we were to meet in Moscow on the selection in the top twenty, I arrived early to meet Anna at the airport with flowers, as expected. However, she had to wait quite a long time, I was in a horrible traffic… But it’s the little things”.

“At the casting we did not advertise our relationship, knew only the guys who was with us on the first trial, continues Peter. — But not to advertise does not mean to hide. We from anybody did not hide. Tried in group one to get up in a few. We began to notice someone Podkovyrov, kidding, well, me to be silent? The way it turned out. The result was our joint appearance on the first show. It was very cool and has special meaning to me. At least Anya and failed, but in our history, the collaborative dancing will remain forever.

However, I confess, to work with your loved one is not so easy. Relationships need to be set aside, which is impossible. If I felt to Anya that something was wrong, immediately turn on the heart: what happened? In General, there were some inconsistencies, but we eventually managed”.

“Anya is now in Omsk, keeps me at a distance. So I’m doubly strong. But when the project ends, we want to start family life together to rent an apartment in Moscow. The project is my push. Me before that no one knew in Russia, and now there are already new people. I hope this will evolve into something bigger that will allow me in future to stay here. Anya also wants the capital to live and work. But until coming here, when there is no work, no housing is stupid, anyway, everything comes down to money, we have to wait a bit”.

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“We are not a hobby for some, we’re serious. I love Anya. Already on Skype and introduced me to his mother. With my future in-laws more difficult, it is necessary to go to Omsk. Anya grew up without a father, and I want to become the man who will help her and support. I was hit exactly sincere, very much.

Yes, casting Anya came up with the former… But I figured out all the points and more to this subject is reluctant to return. If we have sincerely and truthfully, you should not look to the past. We love people not for anything specific, but because his soul is longing. I don’t have to do anything. I like her wisdom, prudence, steadiness, a girl may direct, and support. So that together we – force”.