Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой A resident of the capital Alina Bragina continues to struggle with her ex-husband for her daughter. At the moment the woman is the defendant in a criminal case. In may, she found drugs. She Bragin claims that she was slandered.
Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой

For more than five years a resident of Moscow Alina Bragina struggling with former civilian husband for the right to see my daughter Ariana. The former beloved of women, businessman Grigory, Kazan, took her child in December 2011. Alina came to the Studio of the program “live”, as desperate to return 6-year-old baby.

Muscovite five years, can not pursue custody of daughter

Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой“I saw her daughter only once, in my arms more than a dozen court decisions in my favor. Unfortunately, I already can’t do anything… We pleaded in Moscow, Ingushetia, where he has a good connection. He joined there in the house from a friend and ordered the child. There I filed a claim on deprivation of parental rights. He thought that I will come back and say two magic words “prostitute” and “addict,” and the court’s decision will be in his favor,” – said the poor mother.
Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой

Previously “StarHit” already wrote about a situation in which Alina Bragina, and, apparently, her case is not very advanced. Woman continues fight with ex-lover over child: Gregory hides the daughter from her. One of the experts of the program asked why Bragin had submitted a statement to the police.

“Unfortunately, when a parent kidnaps the child, that other countries recognize it as a kidnapping in Russia are not considered. If you call the police and say, “Father has been kidnapped,” you say: “go to court”. And hang up, because no other reaction can not be achieved,” said the woman’s lawyer Maximilian Boers.

From Bragin turned to see my daughter only in October last year. The long-awaited meeting with the child took place in the presence of ten guards. To communicate with Arina Alina helped her friend.

Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой“It was a kilometer-long correspondence, and we were given very hard. However, this meeting took place, and he made me write her a script, saying what will happen,” recalled the child’s mother.
Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой

Tired of enduring the antics of men, Bragin decided to sue him in court. According to the woman, he openly threatened her. In proof of his innocence Alina has shared with edition by the recording of a conversation with a businessman. As noted Bragina, he acknowledged the authenticity of the tapes in court, but said that “it had in mind.”

“I’m all loaded, I now court buy, I can you even deny parental rights, I do 200 pieces will cost, I sell the car. Would like to kill you, you wouldn’t know. Good evening all,” allegedly told the businessman.

Alina Bragina also said that it attacked. “After I was beaten two weeks later, killed my father. I don’t think that my husband is to blame,” the woman added. According to Alina, her parents and ex-husband had a conflict. She also said that upon the death of her loved one was a criminal case, but the criminals never found.

As noted by a resident of Moscow, in the spring of this year, the court ruled against her ex-husband.

Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой“I’m not accusing anyone, you know: not caught – not a thief. March 17, 2017 Tula regional court has put an end to his further action in court. They made the crushing decision of 19 sheets. Now, if he registers at a new location and takes me to court, as soon as I show this decision, he refused”, – said Alina.
Москвичке, воюющей за ребенка, угрожали расправой

However, the verdict rendered suffering Bragina has not ended. She is now a defendant in a criminal case in which the lower limit of imprisonment of 10 years, and the top – 20. The woman believes that this is due to the efforts of her ex-lover. “These stories very much, all the same scenario,” said Alina.

As told by a resident of the capital, in late may she received a mysterious parcel, which was opened in the post office. “My face smelled chlorine,” said Alina. In the parcel was a weekly and already opened box of chocolates, which turned out to be drugs. Later it turned out that law enforcement authorities allegedly received a call in advance with information about the location of prohibited substances. As a result, the woman filed a criminal case.

In the final program moderator Boris korchevnikov suggested Alina Bragina to contact her ex-husband. The woman was unable to restrain his emotions and cried in the program. She also stressed that is not at war with the ex-spouse, and fighting off his attacks.

“We are adults. Now my main task – not to go to jail. I love my daughter, it’s a part of my soul. I prayed for this child… When I went to the monastery, then nearly crashed the car, because I was hoping that it would change my relationships. From me, tore off a piece of flesh, you know. I love her very much and miss you. I really want her to know that she has a mom that fights for her all these years. As soon as I run out of power, I just go to Church, kneel and cry. (…) We don’t have war, he is war with me,” said the woman.