Москвичка умерла после пластической операции The investigative Committee opened a criminal case. 32-year-old Ekaterina Kiseleva went under the surgeon’s knife to improve their appearance. After the death of a family received 50 thousand rubles from the clinic as a moral compensation.
Москвичка умерла после пластической операции

15 APR Muscovite Ekaterina Kiseleva was still hopeful to find a new body – she went into surgery at a private plastic surgery clinic in the North of the capital, to do a breast lift. However, the woman’s body did not survive the medical intervention.

The deceased mother Kiseleva Evgeniya Chudakova told reporters details of that fateful day. Immediately after the surgery, she got a call from the clinic and reported that all went well. However, after three hours she became aware that her daughter was dead.

“That day at half past four we were told that the surgery is over and successful! And at 19.30 announce the death. Then he said that she died on the operating table. Then they three hours doing? I can’t understand what happened really. We can only hope that investigation,” said the woman.
Москвичка умерла после пластической операции

The mother of the deceased said that strongly discouraged the daughter from the plastic surgery. Catherine passed all the necessary tests. When it became clear that there are no contraindications, she paid 157 thousand rubles, and went under the knife. Moreover, the woman never complained on health.

“It was her desire to improve the appearance. She has two children, wanted to do a breast lift. She was very beautiful and her body is treated meticulously. Even the hair on your eyebrows will not miss. That was such a man,” said the parent.

Catherine is survived by two children from his first marriage. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case and is now studying all the material.

“Currently, the investigators conduct a complex of investigative actions aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. In the framework of the criminal case will be questioned by the management and all employees of the clinic. To establish the exact cause of death is appointed is judicial-medical examination. The investigation continues,” – reported on the Agency’s website.

Chudakova said that no one was able to quickly provide expert assistance because of the complications of the operation. As it turned out, Catherine’s heart stopped.

“At the clinic of intensive care, – said the mother of the woman. – As I learned later, the administrator first began to call the cardiologist, she ran with the child from the home, tried to start the heart, but the result is not brought. Then they called the ambulance.

Operated on a woman doctor Gregory Perekrestov, anesthesiologist – 24-year-old Zeynal Najafov. Reporters learned that the clinic does not have permission to implement the detailed kind of operation. The medical facility was returned to her relatives to pay for the surgery and paid 50 thousand rubles in moral damages.

The article is prepared on materials of TV channel “Ren-TV” and “360”.