Прилучный назвал Муцениеце «гастрольной женой»
The couple admit that they have a tempestuous relationship.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The actor’s family Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchnogo always aroused keen interest of fans. Agatha admitted that the first time after they Paul and I started Dating, I experienced a lot of negativity from fans Priluchnogo. But as time passed, the young people got married and the fans calmed down. But married life of the couple, as recognized by Agatha and Paul, eventually became calmer. Perhaps the fact that the acting profession often separates husband from wife? That’s what tells Agatha about their schedule today:

“It’s summer, the season of shots — here we have Pasha on a tight schedule. I already removed four months in Tobolsk, the husband in Kaliningrad, then he will begin shooting in Saint-Petersburg. And we meet on the road with our performance of “Adventurers Willy-nilly”. Pasha joked: “You’re my tour wife.” Really actors work, as always: hot and cold. Should be used when a “gusto”, so that later, when you become “empty” had to live on. Pasha in the past year, the shooting ended in October, and then from November to March we didn’t break up. During this time, managed to move into a new house, went to rest. Then he began to rehearse a play. And in March, when I start the project, “Tobol”, we departed. To Tobolsk Pasha, of course, difficult to reach. But when I was shooting in Minsk, the husband came to me. He then was given one free day, so he in the evening after the change arrived in Minsk, we spent the whole day together and the next evening he flew away. Romance! (Smiles.) Remember when Pasha starred in “Major 2”, I came to him in Peter, we had two days, and all the time we spent in the hotel room, not even coming out. And just when I got up to leave, I realized I never walked by Peter. This is how life is. And in November, Pasha went to Barcelona for nine days together. It was perfect. I believe that such attacks are simply necessary. We first became husband and wife, and then “acquired” children, housing. Still initially based on what? On love two people. If you do not pay attention to each other, it is possible to lose the love in life, in cares, in the works. In the end, we are so I’m over in Barcelona, on the ninth day already bored, thinking: faster home there, our kids, our dog.”

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