Муцениеце и Прилучный с размахом отметили первый юбилей сына
Acting couple organized the “party of the year”.

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Last week, Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny celebrated the first anniversary of his son. On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Timothy star parents organized a noisy children’s party in the style of “Transformers.”

As is clear from the theme of the festival in honor of the birthday of the eldest child of Agatha and Paul, the main feature of the celebration was robots. Party guests were entertained by a whole team of “Transformers”, with which children danced and participated in various competitions.

Paul Priluchny and agate muceniece with children

Photo: Social Networks

And at the end of the holiday Timothy, as expected, handed a birthday cake, decorated with all the same characters. Another pleasant surprise for the son muceniece and Priluchnogo was a gift from parents: children’s ATV red. The car was assessed and the younger sister of Timothy polutorogodovalogo MIA, who, despite her young age, showed a genuine interest in what is happening at the festival.

By the way, the birthday of the son of Agata has shared touching memories of the pregnancy. “Exactly 5 years ago you were in my tummy and it was very cold outside. I remember that my dad then was the Audi A5, which had a glass door closer, and it froze. Your dad tried so hard to put it into place that it just fell into the door, and we went to the hospital, without the glass… it was such a kind of romance… Since it has been 5 years… Wake me up! 5 years! Five… You became a man, learned to walk, talk, rejoice, cry, make friends, quarrel. You often say, “Mom, I love you” and this is the best I have heard… forgive me if I’m not the perfect mom, and I know I’m not perfect But that’s not important! It is important that we are together, forever! Son and mother! Thank you universe for my son! I’m dreaming of you always! My Timula! Happy Birthday to you!” — agate wrote in his microblog.