Муцениеце о разрыве с Прилучным: «Как будто высосали всю энергию» A difficult period had to endure Agatha muceniece and Paul Prilichnom – the couple was on the verge of divorce. Fortunately, the couple managed to overcome a family crisis. The actress admitted that their relationship wasn’t cheating, but the fault of the disorder were only difficult.
Муцениеце о разрыве с Прилучным: «Как будто высосали всю энергию»

About a month in a family of actors was dominated by the disorder – the pair carefully hid the conflict, he broke up with you. It was rumored that Paul Priluchny is cheating on his young wife, which deals exclusively with house and two children – five-year-old Timothy and two year old MIA.

“Pasha often gives his wife the reins. May disappear and not answer calls, for example. To stay overnight somewhere after a shoot or a party. Heard he had a fleeting passion,” the buzz was surrounded by couples.

Муцениеце о разрыве с Прилучным: «Как будто высосали всю энергию»

Fortunately, the couple managed to resolve contentious issues in the relationship. In a new series vloga that Agatha releases on the YouTube channel, the star told in detail what caused the altercation, which nearly became fatal to their families.

“We have to get by. But it was hard times. No one involved in the fact that we put something on pause in our life. We’re just very different people. Sometimes our temperaments are faced and raging. I am very hard to have experienced all of the events. Like I have sucked all the energy. If we have some differences, they do not affect third parties. In our relationship, they don’t exist. We can handle everything except not to be together” – Agata commented on the recent scandal in the family.

The past month was tough for the actress: June 14, muceniece said that her grandmother died. Unfortunately, she did not have time to visit a relative when she was ill.

“In the soul, when a person is 85, you know that sooner or later it will happen. My grandmother associated the warmest memories. She was very afraid to die. They called me and said she just fell asleep. I guess I drink vodka. You know, I was in Riga recently and went to visit her, did not have time. When this happens, know how to spin human vanity,” said Agatha.

The actress used the sleeping pills to sleep. According to her, she often resorts to such drugs in a situation of stress. For the funeral of a cousin Agatha’s husband changed his work schedule.

Priluchny was unhappy that his wife was shot in the mourning time your vlog. However, muceniece said: fans need to see not only the happy moments of her life, but also sad.