MTV Movie Awards: winners and interesting moments of the ceremony

MTV Movie Awards: победители и интересные моменты церемонии

Every year since 1992, with the support of MTV is the awards ceremony MTV Movie Awards, awarded to the best paintings of the American cinema. This year the ceremony has undergone a number of changes. In particular for films was added TV shows and TV shows and the award changed its name from the MTV Movie Awards on MTV Movie & TV Awards.

MTV Movie Awards: победители и интересные моменты церемонии

The winners of a particular category are selected by viewers voting on the website of the TV channel. This year the main awards were given to such nominee:

Film of the year – “beauty and the beast”

Actor of the year – Emma Watson (“beauty and the beast”)

Best TV show — “Very strange things”

Best actor in a TV series — Millie Bobby brown (“Very strange things”)

Best kiss — Ashton Sanders and Darrel Jerome (“Moonlight”)

Best villain — Jeffrey Dean Morgan (“the Walking dead”)

Best presenter — Trevor Noah (The Daily Show)

Best documentary film — “Thirteen”

The best program is the competition on television — RuPaul”s Drag Race

Best comedian Lil Rell (“Off”)

Best hero — Taraji Henson (“Hidden shapes”)

The touching story of Jack and Randall karate (“we”)

Best Duo — Hugh Jackman and Daphne keen (“Logan”)

The best American history — “Black Comedy”

The next generation — Daniel Caluya

At the ceremony MTV Movie & TV Awards this year there were many exciting and memorable moments. For example, in the audience, and the audience cranes are incredibly moved by the speech VIN Diesel, which he dedicated to a deceased friend Paul Walker. Remember crashed in road accident actor Diesel decided when “fast and furious” received “Prize generation” : “I have to thank a whole generation to accept our multicultural franchise, which doesn’t matter what color your skin is or what country are you from, when you’re a family, said Diesel. — I could stand on this stage and talk about “fast and Furious” without having to Express my love to my brother Pablo, brother Pablo. We hope that you’re proud of us”.

Emma Watson – the actress who for several years has been fighting for women’s rights this year received the “asexual” award “actor of the year”: “First acting award in history, which does not separate the nominees from their gender, talking about how we perceive the human experience. Acting is the ability to put yourself in the place of others, and it should not be divided into two different categories. Empathy and the ability to use your imagination should have no boundaries.”