Миссис Икс: новый сингл «80 Miles Away»

New single Mrs X (Mrs.X) “80 Miles Away” available in all global platforms download and streaming.
Mrs. X defines its style as “pop music à La carte” (pop á la carte) restaurant where everyone will find something for themselves: foodies and lovers of light music. True to this style, the single “80 Miles Away” is starting to conquer the music Olympus.

“80 Miles Away” or “eighty miles away” is a energetic dance music. Disk two tracks: the main, “80 Miles Away”, the sound of which was provided by the producer, SEFI Carmel (Sefi Carmel), and a version of “80 Miles Away Kansas Drive”, and the producer is Mrs.X and sound design was performed by Lennon P. bone (Lennon P. Bone).
Good mood in the air when you hear “80 Miles Away”? Absolutely!
In the company of rapper M. Dizzy (M. Dwizzy) and Ri backvocalist Kirsten (Kirsten Rea) Mrs. X has achieved a unique vocal sound. Experts of the genre worked in the Studio M. O. R. Studio, Studio, Bond (Germany) and Soundtrack Creation (London).
Producer, SEFI Carmel is known for his work with artists such as Michael bublé, Bruno Mars. The single “80 Miles Away” he created the sound of Mrs. X, which can be immediately recognized by the accented bass lines, energetic rhythm and guitar riffs of John Hawkins. And, of course, the voice of Mrs.X and its unique timbre.
Scene in song — the party members — a girl tormented by doubts; her friend and the young man, whom she meets and who becomes a rival to her friend. History, surely familiar to many of us! Who did not doubt the partner? Treason or search, to which all are entitled?
In the first version of “80 Miles Away” the students to decide how the events develop, will be the heroine, whether her friend back.
But the “80 Miles Away Kansas Drive” leaves no doubt “forgotten” at a party a friend loves and forgives the heroine, and takes it with humor: “It’s just a lot of Bacardi. Get into your Bugatti, get back!” True love?
The design of the CD was performed by Alessandro bond. A photo of the singer made on the background of snow-covered streets of Germany, reflects the complicated emotional situation of the heroine.
The official video for the song will be presented later. However, on Youtube you can find a video with lyrics of the song “80 Miles Away”.
Mrs X (Mrs.X) wishes his fans, “eighty miles of happiness” and invites to listening to “80 Miles Away” on Youtube, Spotify, Deezer and other portals.