Mrs X (Mrs. X) presented a new single, “It plays rock-n-roll”

Миссис Икс (Mrs. X) представила новый сингл «Он играет рок-н-ролл»

Mrs X (Mrs. X) will release a new single, “It plays rock ‘n roll” (“He plays Rock n Roll”).

This lady fulfills the promise: announcing the project “pop a La carte”, Mrs. X had promised his fans “a new musical dishes” from your “pop-menu”. Mrs. X holds the word!

A month after the release of “80 Miles Away”, the single that opened a new project and quickly won the hearts and esters from America to Africa, the singer released another single, “It plays rock-n-roll” (“He plays Rock n Roll”).

“He plays Rock n Roll” available on all platforms for streaming and downloading (iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify, Deezer and others).

For the record got a strong international team is already familiar SEFI Carmel and John Hawkins from UK, Radu Marinescu, Felix Brusque and Christoph Langer from Germany.

The result is an exciting, energetic rock-n-roll. The new single — two tracks, two versions of one song. Someone will say that Mrs. X departs from the tradition, saying, what is pop music? Where pop a La carte?

But it is the principle of “music menu,” Mrs. X: everyone can find something for themselves! Let it be “rock, a La carte!” Rock fans will undoubtedly enjoy the single as well! The more that history is fascinating. The main character in the song guitarist who loves music and a virtuoso on the verge of impossible. Glory to him, not accompany, but he not seeks: the criterion of success is only the professionalism and music, the opinions of others to him totally uninteresting. In that moment, when he takes up the guitar, the world changes.

This is a story about professional-singles, reaching for a dream, not knowing caution. “I admire the brave men who changed the world! Albert Einstein, Giordano Bruno, Henry Ford… They were not looking for the opinions of others, walked to your dream! says Mrs. X. — Recording and releasing the single “He plays Rock n Roll” on my side of the professionals whom I am eternally grateful: producer, SEFI Carmel, the wizard of sound design, Felix Brusque and Christopher Langer, who worked on the recordings of vocals, Keith George, who checked every word in the lyrics of the song, the photographer Oliver Krato, art designer Umberto Segreto and many others.”

Powerful rock n roll that takes the woman. Not an easy task, with which Mrs. X copes brilliantly with the support of a sensational guitar riffs of John Hawkins: the heart beats faster, and the legs themselves begin to dance to rock-and-roll rhythm.

“He plays Rock n Roll” — for anyone who loves energetic music! Lets rock n roll with Mrs. X!