Mr Zemlyanikin died in his birthday

Владимир Земляникин умер в свой день рождения In the Moscow theater “Sovremennik” has informed that has died the honoured artist of Russia, played on its stage more than half a century. Cause of death Zemlyanikin not known, details about the time and place of farewell with the artist will be announced later.

      Владимир Земляникин умер в свой день рождения

      Today it became known that he died honored artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir Zemlyanikin, this is the official page of theatre “Contemporary” in the social network Facebook. The legendary actor died in his birthday. Relatives and colleagues of the actor grieve for him.

      Details about the time and place of farewell to Vladimir Zemlyanikin is not yet known.

      “The theater came the sad news. Today, on his birthday, the day when he was 83 years old, died our colleague, honored artist of the Russian Federation Vladimir M. Zemlyanikin… His artistic youth fell at the beginning of the thaw, and he became one of the most important individuals of this time, those with whom it is associated to this day. Suffice it to say that in 1957, he played one of leading roles – Sergey Davydov – in the film the Lion Kulidzhanov “the House in which I live.” So in love with him audience – open, bright, a “positive hero”, but without exaggerated pathos and Grand gestures: a real, modern, in one movement and not a fake. He wanted to believe in his charisma, it was possible to fall in love… We mourn the loss of Vladimir was with us for almost all his and our lives, we are very sorry… Eternal memory”, – is written in a publication dedicated to the deceased actor.

      Mr Zemlyanikin was born 27 Oct 1933 in Moscow. When the Great Patriotic war, he went to evacuate with his mother. After the end of hostilities Zemlyanikin began to take the first steps to the profession – he worked in the Palace of pioneers, as well as in the Palace of culture ZIL. In 1951, the future star of cinema and theatre entered the Shchukin school. Zemlyanikin debut in the movie took place while studying at University a couple of years before graduation, he played one of the roles in the iconic film “matriculation”, along with his childhood friends – with Vasily Lanovoy and Lev Borisov.

      Since 1959 Zemlyanikin shone on the stage of the Moscow theater “Contemporary”, and the artist worked in the Theatre-Studio of film actor. In his entire career he played many different roles – from the city in the “inspector” and Alexey egorovicha in “Demons” to Pobratimov “Kota average home fluffy”. Critics appreciated the work of the artist.