“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin has suddenly become a woman

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин внезапно стал женщиной Blogger from Pyatigorsk with hands unnatural sizes continues to experiment over the exterior. Cyril Tereshin is not afraid to try a variety of images, which are not always welcome among the users of social networks.
«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин внезапно стал женщиной

21-the summer native of Pyatigorsk Cyril Tereshin never ceases to amaze the public. Recently a young man has decided to do another transformation. This time Cyril tried on the wig and glued eyebrows, and did a light makeup. Tereshin has published a photo of her transformation on social networks.

In the picture garnered several hundred “likes”, Cyril holding her head up with his hand and smiled enigmatically. Users of social networks found that Tereshin began to resemble a woman. Some condemned the behavior of the young man, finding that he once again wants to draw attention to himself. “Just such popularity is earned immediately, but also quickly forgotten. He realized that not interesting, that everybody forgot. And begins to do “it”, wanting to return to its former glory,” suggested on the Internet.

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин внезапно стал женщиной

Before to try on a wig, Cyril Tereshin shaved her head. Recently a young man actively uses cosmetics. As said by the blogger, such transformation is just the beginning. According to Tereshina, one of his idols is a bodybuilder and the star of Instagram Alexander Shpak, who became popular thanks to experiment with your looks.

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин внезапно стал женщиной“I want to look the same – tattoos body, a Mohawk, a gold earring on his left ear. One of my eyes is yellow, the other blue. Also going to put your fangs, you still want to cut a tongue like a lizard. I think I will have more than a million subscribers, and earnings will have to go,” said “Mr. Synthol” on one of the TV show.

Recall that not long ago Kirill Tereshin had surgery. He put implants in caviar. However, blogger did not like the work of health professionals. According to Tereshina, he first felt discomfort, but over time the pain decreased.

“Calf – shit. The result is I do not like. It’s probably worth 200 thousand. People give that kind of money on the air. Do not place implants, told Tereshin YouTube channel, “Alexander Peresvet – life.” – Initially it was felt that there is like something a 5-pound. But now I’m used to, but still unpleasant.”

According to rumors, he also put implants in his hands. In an interview, the blogger complained of high fever and pain in the extremities. Tereshina problems with health associated with his dangerous fascination with synthol. Later the information appeared that the state of Cyril has improved. He recently said that his arm was “almost white.” “This year you will see my shoulders mutant, wait!” – said Kirill. The idol of “Mr Synthol” warned him against the amputation of hands