“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin had surgery

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин перенес операцию In the network appeared the photo on which “syntropy guy”, the owner of an impressive biceps, is in the hospital. Most likely, Cyril Tereshin has undergone surgery on the biceps.

A young man from Pyatigorsk became known to the country after he appeared on TV, in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Most unusual in this simple 21-year-old boyfriend of his biceps, arms and bazookas. Tereshin was so dissatisfied with their appearance, considered himself too skinny, he decided to pump the largest in the country biceps. But some exercises in the gym it was not enough and he resorted to drugs, began to make the subcutaneous injection of synthol, a substance that inflates the muscles from the inside. So he got the nickname “Sinology guy” or “Mr. Synthol”.

However, such manipulation is extremely dangerous for health than the doctors said, commenting on programs with the participation of guy. Yes, and Cyril said that he is aware of how at risk, but the popularity and the confidence which he got, thanks to a new appearance, are worth it.

“I don’t think it’s ugly. If you think so, then all men are freaks” – said Kirill.

In December, information appeared that Cyril said goodbye to their biceps. Later, however, Tereshin himself refuted this information, noting that was a joke. Internet users decided that “Mr. Synthol” I wish once again to draw attention to himself.

“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin has removed huge biceps

However, it seems that the guy still decided on surgery. In the network appeared the photo on which Cyril lying on the operating table. No further information reported. But immediately after, was published pictures from a medical institution, appeared and videos. It Cyril Tereshin out of the car and moves with great difficulty, and others ask how he feels.

Recently, Kirill has radically changed the image – shaved off her eyebrows, painted in vivid colors her hair and again forced to talk about themselves. The young man does not hide that had fallen on him glory, brings him not only joy, but also money – the guy earns from advertising on his page in the social network.

Whatever it was, Cyril Tereshin remains in the spotlight. While some Internet users are watching him like a freak, condemn and laugh, others are sincerely concerned about his health.