“Mr. Synthol” Cyril Tereshin dreams about sex with drunk Buzova

«Мистер Синтол» Кирилл Терешин мечтает об интиме с нетрезвой Бузовой Recently the infamous guy gave an interview to one of the bloggers, in which the whole country voiced their feelings to Olga Buzova. Also Cyril Tereshin noted that it is not averse to enter into an intimate relationship with Olga if she would come to him.

At the time an unknown guy from Pyatigorsk named Cyril Tereshin has become popular, and not because of some outstanding talents. Tereshin to achieve the perfect body, was not only to visit the gym, but also to inject a dangerous drug to make the biceps as the “iron Arnie.”

In the end, his hands became unnaturally large. While relatives of Cyril seriously concerned about his health, he tries to do everything possible to achieve popularity because of its unusual appearance. Tereshin recently gave an interview to blogger Maxim Shestakov, in which he confessed his love to Olga Buzova.

“Olga Buzova, I love you very much!” – Cyril has declared to the whole country.

“Mr. Synthol” added that it wants to meet Buzova, moreover, he does not mind to join her in an intimate relationship, if Olga suddenly come to him in a drunken state.

Many netizens mocked Cyril, they say, he has absolutely no chance to achieve celebrity. It was also noted that Tereshin decided to appear on behalf of Buzova, as today it is doing all and Sundry.

But the lady Cyril, Olga Buzova, I don’t have it. At this time in Italy actively filmed the project “Marry Buzova,” in which the heart stars will fight a few men. Olga had time to get acquainted with the contenders for her hand and heart and with great pleasure noted that all candidates are more than satisfied.

“I admit, I’ve seen the first applicants. They are not dummy. These people interested me. But so far I haven’t told anyone who I liked, and not say. I will check each person… I Can say: if I knew that the show can’t be men, which is interesting to me, and I never would have agreed to participate in it”, – said Olga to the public.

Moreover, a celebrity ready to be a mother, all she wants is her beloved grandmother, Alla Petrova (the woman will soon be 80 years old), saw the great-grandchildren.

“My grandma and she’s like 80. Will do everything that she lived happily and without worries… Sorry grandpa couldn’t wait for grandchildren, but grandma needs. Where are you? My love,” Olga wrote in his microblog.

We will remind, one and a half years ago Buzova broke up with football player Dmitry Tarasov, with whom she was happily married for about five years. A short time later after the divorce Tarasov started Dating Rostov model Anastasia Kostenko: very soon she will give birth to her beloved daughter.

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