«Мистер Мерседес» Стивена Кинга станет сериалом

The author, who became a classic during his lifetime, Stephen king gave his consent to the filming of another of his novel.

Essay writer, which is called “Mr. Mercedes” is a relatively new — published in 2014. The novel is set in a small American town, which terrifies serial killer, crush dozens of people in a foreign car brand Mercedes. In a situation trying to figure out the retired detective and his assistants, who thus find themselves embroiled in a dangerous game.

Starring in the movie … the star of “the Big Scam” Brendan Gleeson and lit up in the “star trek’s” Anton Yelchin.

It is known that the film adaptation of “Mr. Mercedes” is a series that has ordered a television network Audience Network. It is planned to remove 10 episodes, the creation of which was entrusted to David E. Kelly (“Boston legal”).

Note, “Mr. Mercedes” was released in 2014 and immediately won the love of readers. Moreover, the novel took its place on top of the best-selling version of the New York Times.

“Mr. Mercedes” is the first part of the trilogy. Behind him is the “Who found, takes a” final “End of watch” (which will be released in the summer of 2016).

The premiere of the series to be held in 2018.

Recall that James Franco recently filmed novel king 11.22.1963″, in which we are talking about trying to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. The main role in the series played by Franco.

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