Мотоциклетный шлем спас жизнь Джорджа Клуни
In the Internet appeared the video of the accident, which injured actor.

George Clooney


arrived at the place where the motorcycle George Clooney was hit by a breaching
rules of the car, said that the actor miraculously survived. He was saved only that
he’s not lazy, sitting on their “steel horse”, to wear a motorcycle helmet.
This incident occurred on the island of Sardinia, where Clooney starred in the TV series.

In the Internet appeared the video with
traffic cameras, which was filmed by accident. As shown by the record, the driver
cars”, Mercedes” is not lost on
the fork, as it should be according to the rules of the road bike 57-year-old actor, resulting in
the collision happened. As both
the vehicle was moving at high speed, from strong
the body blow of the car George was thrown from the seat, and he flew several meters
in the air before he crashed to the ground.

Yesterday it was reported that
Clooney escaped with only bruises, but today it turned out that he got another
a few other injuries. He has a bad hip and recorded the wounds on the knee and
elbow. It is possible that the actor received a concussion of the brain: when the police arrived, George was sitting on the ground, holding hands behind your head,
with tears in his eyes from the pain. After rendering first
care and examinations, doctors have let George go home to his wife Amal and
twins Ella and Alexander. The doctors told Clooney that recovery period
will take him not less than three weeks.