Mother’s daughter: Lourdes came to the party without underwear

Мамина дочка: Лурдес пришла на вечеринку без белья

19-year-old Lourdes flashed a bare chest.

While 16-year-old son Rocco stars shocked by the outrageous antics of mom, her oldest daughter, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon is its exact copy. Apparently, the girl with the genes passed on the love of Frank dresses. How else to explain that she came to the party without underwear?

Lourdes, or rather Lola, likes to call herself a girl, never been good. She soon started to use makeup, dye their hair in all colors of the rainbow, fussing with teachers, to drink alcohol, to adorn themselves with piercings, tattoos and to get caught in scandal. Remind you of anyone?

And if the son of guy Ritchie, Rocco, Madonna’s relationship was complicated (recall that he ran away to live with dad), then to Lourdes the singer does not spill water. No wonder, looking at the flamboyant mother, who, at 58 years old can wear a costume in the style of GIMP and are dressed on the red carpet, began to copy her style.

The other day a girl was at a party with friends and, of course, shared photos on the social network Snapchat.

It seems that the party was in the style of pajama, and Lola understood that word literally. The girl showed up in light trousers and sheer top with lace. Linen she decided not to wear and showed everyone his naked chest.

The question “where to watch mom?” as you know ask is meaningless. In social networks most of the stars are full of her own Topless photo.

Well, everyone has their own methods of education.