Mother Zita and Gita suffers from being bullied

Мама Зиты и Гиты страдает от травли Zumriyat Rezahanova deny that their family lives in poverty. According to the woman, unscrupulous journalists have spread this false information. However, the mother of Siamese twins refuses any outside financial help.
Мама Зиты и Гиты страдает от травли

Mother of Siamese twins Zita and Gita Zumriyat Rezahanova said that faced with massive charges of begging. According to the woman, in one private conversation with Alla Dovlatova she complained of the lack of funds. Gita needed money for treatment, and the earnings of other family members is not enough to fully pay for all procedures. Still Rezahanova are unable to accept the death of the second daughter Zita in 2015.

“People have started to write nasty things, to talk about the fact that there is nothing to help the visitors, when you have your. And we that are not your own? We are all human beings under the same sky. Many wrote to us threats. Gita all read it and cried. It is very difficult to survive, and so we lived all my life with pain, and from death Zita was gone. In my arms baby died, I still feel like cooling down her body. Every day I force myself to live, can’t anything be done about it,” said Zumriyat.
Мама Зиты и Гиты страдает от травли

By the way, recently Rezahanova fulfilled the dream of his daughter Zita and opened a centre for children with disabilities “a Right to a better life.” According to the mother of the twins, she won a contest that helped her to get funds from the state for the realization of his ideas. Yet the pupils of this centre are 19 children. Zumriyat gets another education: she went to University to study social pedagogy.

Mother Zita and Gita told how he survived the death of his daughter

Now her daughter Gita, 26 years old, a student at the Muslim College, the pension is the amount of 13 thousand rubles. Recently, the girl was with her mother in Moscow, where she received a prosthesis.

Мама Зиты и Гиты страдает от травли“The whole thing costs about 700,000 rubles, and we, as citizens, got it for free using a queue. For Gita there are many benefits, but living in another state, we can’t all be used. The special orthopedic shoes also provide, for which many thanks. Now, on arrival home, I want to do the surgery. The fact that the Gita is constantly popping up with a hole in his mouth. We had previously planned a medical intervention, but something told me that you first need to do allergotest. It turned out that my daughter is allergic to lidocaine,” explained Rezahanova.

Many people who live near them in Kyrgyzstan, they say that the family of Zita and Gita have got a lot of bonuses from the government. Says Sumrit in an interview with newspaper “Sobesednik”, some people even call her a beggar.

“The state helped, can’t say. After the operation the girls gave us a two-bedroom apartment in Bishkek. Some people write, how much we have, but also ask. I think how these people live, if we manage to be jealous of…” – is perplexed woman.