Мама жены Дмитрия Тараова взбудоражила откровенными снимками Fans of footballer Dmitry Tarasova believe that his mother-in-law Victoria Shcherbakova disgraced daughter. In discussing pictures of women, where she appeared in Frank.
Мама жены Дмитрия Тараова взбудоражила откровенными снимками

The family of Dmitry Tarasova is closely watched by millions. And not just because he’s a famous football player. Thousands of fans of a movie star, singer and actress Olga Buzova still holding a grudge on her ex-husband, his favorite. Other sports fans and lovers of gossip, on the contrary, delighted with the new wife Tarasova – beauty Queen Anastasia Kostenko.

So, the network got personal pictures of my mom Anastasia – Victoria Shcherbakova. Old Amateur pictures parent models appeared in unexpectedly candid. In one picture she is with a bottle and another in a bold pose demonstrates stretching.

Internet users to the photos reacted without mercy in the comments accused of abuse of alcohol, “estimated” origin, and some insulted the woman.

Мама жены Дмитрия Тараова взбудоражила откровенными снимками“Mother stupid Rube and the same stupid, crazy daughter. Fuuu ugly, materialistic, stupid wench, All in the village know that this is a drinking family. Her first husband for drunkenness dropped”. “I wondered why she made these photos , and why bother to be photographed? What was the promise?” – wrote Internet users.

Neither Victoria nor her daughter nor son-in-law of the famous Dmitry Tarasov did not react to the noise that appears around images.

We will remind that earlier the mother-in-law Tarasova received from the followers of his daughter and son only positive feedback. For example, the absolute furor photographs of Victoria with Nastya made on the day of the wedding her daughter and the player. Subscribers were delighted from the young and lovely mother’s third wife Tarasov.

The wedding of Dmitri and Anastasia were held on 10 January, and only twenty days later, they celebrated the marriage of a gorgeous Banquet. Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko has planned a Grand wedding

Dmitry and Anastasia met in December 2016. By this time Tarasov was already married twice. From his first marriage with Oksana Osinkin he had a daughter angelina who is 9 years old. The second time Tarasov married Olga Buzova, together they were more than four years and officially divorced just in winter 2016. Many fans still believe that the relationship of Anastasia and Dmitri began long before the dissolution of the marriage with Buzova.