Mother wants to “squeeze” the apartment of Dana Borisova

Мать хочет «отжать» квартиру у Даны Борисовой

Their version of a showdown between the well-known Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova, ongoing treatment from drug addiction and her mother, the voice problems daughter told the stylist ray Samedov, who is on a talk show “Let them talk” was accused of supplying psychotropic substances celebsonline. The man believes that it is beneficial to The mother to put her in a bad light, to — to take her place.

“It’s her mother Dana were loaded in this state. Just wanted to “squeeze” in her apartment. She wants to convince everyone that her daughter was insane. to pick up Pauline, and with it the living space. That’s the whole story,” says ray.
According to Samadov, The mother Katherine has personally brought the daughter of potent antidepressants, “Chlorpromazine and Haloperidol”.
According to ray, the lack of work and lack of money affected the psyche and This caused her depression, which deepens his own mother Borisova.
“Her spit and on her daughter and granddaughter, and all the rest. For his purpose, she is ready to go for any heads,” said the stylist. A close friend is going through This, that time does not contact. Previously, they talked on the phone several times a week, and now her phone is silent.