«Мама» Верки Сердючки получила тяжелые травмы A group of unknown beat Inna Belokon, a longtime friend and colleague of Andrei Danilko. It happened at the fair. Twelve ruffians came to the shop Belokon and attacked a woman and her daughter. Now the artist is a lot of bruising, and her heiress damaged jaw.

      Journalists report that unknown assailants attacked a 48-year-old Inna Belokon and her 18-year-old daughter. Wide audience, the main stage is known as the “mother” of Verka Serduchka and close friend of Andrei Danilko, the performer of the role of charismatic conductors.

      The incident occurred at the fair, which is held in the village of Great Sorochyntsi, located in the Poltava region of Ukraine. A group of attackers approached the bench, which contain Belokon and her husband, and attacked the woman who was there with her daughter. According to representatives of the media, bullies were more than a dozen people.

      The attack brawlers Belokon and her daughter got a lot of injuries. Inna was diagnosed with multiple lesions of organs and tissues, and her daughter — injured jaw.

      “It happened at the fair. Inna with her husband Oleg in Poltava, exactly where they live, has a small catering business, and every year they take part in the fair, they have a point. Inna’s husband at the time was not. She helped my daughter and girlfriend. They were approached by Gypsies. The conflict occurred and Roma, and, according to ina, there were about 12, attacked them with his fists. Now Inna is all in bruises, and my daughter has trauma to the jaw. And the police, who came at their call, due to the many bruises did not even know her”, — told reporters the friends of the artist.

      Law enforcement officials confirmed to local Newspapers that appealed to them Inna Belokon. According to them, she told of beatings by persons of a Romsky nationality. The police finds out all the details of the incident, the case Belokon instituted criminal proceedings.

      The local newspaper also tried to contact the artist. But Belokon has preferred to refrain from comments, citing poor health, according to Vesti-ukr.com. Her friend Danilko also not yet spoken about the incident.

      Recall that Inna Belokon and Andrey Danilko — old friends and colleagues. In his interviews the performer of the role of Verka Serduchka has repeatedly said that Inna is one of the closest of his friends. Therefore, the artists often go together on vacation. Spouse Belokon comfortable travel wife because she and Andrew exclusively friendly relations. Elect women living in the Poltava region of Ukraine.

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