Mother Vasily Stepanov is trying to justify his suicidal tendencies

Мать Василия Степанова пытается оправдать его суицидальные наклонности Eight years ago the actor played the main role in the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”. The next morning after the premiere he woke up famous. Then, critics had predicted the young man giddy acting career.
Мать Василия Степанова пытается оправдать его суицидальные наклонности

It is known that the star of the film “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov twice fell from a third floor window of his house. Artist, his mother and brother turned to a lie detector in the program “really”. Family and experts found it necessary once and for all find out the background of this strange behavior of the ex-favourite of a novel.

In the beginning of the program a friend of actor Lena Lenin came to support him. However, according to the writer, Stepanov confused in indications.

“In December of 2016, you tried to kill yourself? And in April 2017? In those days you were using drugs, drinking alcohol or psychotropic drugs?”- Basil asked one of the experts. The actor answered all the questions negatively, and it was true.

Experts further asked Basil if he could remember how went to the window and fell out.

“I don’t know what I was doing there. I lay, trying to sleep. I start moving, I can’t explain what it was. The mystery to me is,” replied Stepanov.

When asked about the second fall, which occurred in April of this year, the actor only remembered the dinner with his father: “was about to go to bed. We sat in the kitchen,” – said Vasily. “What made you go out on the landing? Why is it again was the third floor?”- asked the experts of the hero.

“Something moved me. To go to the third floor. I got dressed and went down to the third floor. The window was open,” – said the actor.

Vasily shared details of the past. He was born and lived in Moscow, was going to work as a teacher in physical education also worked as a bartender. He often received offers to appear in advertisements because of the attractive appearance. However, as recognized by the actor himself, Basil did not want to take in the film industry.

“If my parents are neither actors nor filmmakers, I thought that I needed a regular job,” – said Stepanov. According to Vasily, he noticed Pavel Kaplevich, the casting Director Vondruska. He said that Fedor is looking for unknown actors, who can act as the newcomers in his new film.

Further, the specialists asked the main hero of the show what he thought of the feeling from the filming of the blockbuster of a novel. “I don’t remember it,” said the actor.

Vasily Stepanov washes trolley to repay the loan for the treatment

Мать Василия Степанова пытается оправдать его суицидальные наклонности

Later in the Studio “is actually” appeared relatives Stepanova, a mother Ludmila and brother max, who also passed the test on the lie detector and answered the questions of the experts.

“I think everything is good with him,” said a relative of the actor.
Мать Василия Степанова пытается оправдать его суицидальные наклонности

The detector then was the mother of Vasily Stepanov.

“I’m a mother, I know my son, I know what’s going on with him, and I know why it happened,” – said the mother of the actor. “Are you sure your son did not attempt suicide?” asked the expert. “No, I didn’t take”,- said Lyudmila Viktorovna. The answer of the mother of the actor was a lie.

“I won’t tell you anything!” – said the mother.

Experts of the TV show agreed that the mother of the actor must is a visit to the family therapist. According to experts, Vasily needs attention, so feigned suicide attempt by jumping from the third floor.