Mother Valeria told about the strict prohibitions daughter

Мама Валерии рассказала о строгих запретах дочери A relative of the stars trying to listen to her opinion. Galina Nikolaevna admitted that her daughter helps her to stay healthy. Now Valeria is worried about the figure of the mother, therefore, gives recommendations about what to eat.

Mother Valeria Nikolaev Galina perfilova always believed that her daughter will become an actress. From an early age, the future singer was struck by a parent with their talents. Now she often listens to Valerie. Still Galina recalled the moment of the birth of a daughter. Then she was very worried for the baby.

“We look at it in the first minute – the hairs are dark, thought that the copy-in-law, it turned out, they were still wet. And then, when brought to feed, saw that the girl was blonde, very similar to me. Will not believe, but when she started crying, I jumped out from the house like a lunatic and rushed to block babies. Immediately recognized her voice. Lera has always been vociferous, shouting the loudest. I nurses: “Mom, calm down, all babies cry”. She was very worried,” admitted the mother of the artist.

Valeria began to sing is much faster than talking. Galina noticed that the girl wants to, so I try to help her. Daughter soon learned to read and she has issued a ticket to the library. “The Director met me and said, “you Know, your daughter joined us”. And I didn’t know. She read a lot. I’m subscribed to 200 volumes of “world literature.” Lera, of course, selectively, but read more than half. And still that is rare, it continues to read a lot,” – said Galina.

“Now you can’t eat bread (daughter was put on a diet) and, when slippery, can not go out”, – said the mother of the singer.

Mom, the singer recalls that she previously set a goal to become popular and receive the title of people’s artist. “When she was four years old, put her in the chair she sang, and then asked: “what will you be when you grow up?” She did not hesitate: “people’s artist”. Five years ago, when my daughter handed over in the Kremlin the title, she told Vladimir Putin that the people’s artist feel the age of four when she was put on a stool, with which she sang,” – said Perfilov.

The mother of Valeria listens to the advice of loved ones. According to Galina Nikolaevny, they always take care of her grandchildren come in contact with his grandmother through messengers, and her daughter is a regular at her house. Recently, Valeria has set a limit for her.

Valeria herself has admitted that her associate trust relationship with the parent. “Mom instilled in me honesty and loyalty. No, not saying that it should be just like this, just did everything by example. And grandma used to read fables and poems – I was brought up not only by example, but also the artistic word. I similarly behaved with their children, explaining the values of life. Mom trusted me and I trusted kids,” shared the star in an interview with the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.