Мама падчерицы Марии Адоевцевой ушла из жизни
About two years ago one of the brightest couples of the TV project “Dom-2” Sergey and Maria Odoevtseva announced the divorce.

Мама падчерицы Марии Адоевцевой ушла из жизни

Now Maria is a happy marriage with her lover Michael, both spouses have daughters from previous marriages. Recently, Mary told me that mother daughters her husband died a few years ago.

Мама падчерицы Марии Адоевцевой ушла из жизни

“We immediately realized that we have much in common: both were married, are the parents of the girls. Varya’s mother, ex-wife of the beloved, is in heaven…the First months we Michael constantly corresponded, could midnight to share messages, often walked. Then I realized – apparently, our meeting was not accidental. Closer to the New year began to live together, and on Christmas night Mike proposed to me. Lisa immediately began to call him dad, and Cooking me mom, the girls barely had any issues. Recently we officially became husband and wife. I’m really happy,” said Maria.

The woman is open with the followers and frequently shares his thoughts or feelings.

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