Mother Pelagia ridiculed new name of the daughter

Мама Пелагеи высмеяла новую фамилию дочери During the next live show of “the Voice” the singer told about how the mother took the news about the engagement of his daughter. According to him, the cousin laughed at her name. Alexander Gradsky was also quick to Express an opinion on the matter.
Мама Пелагеи высмеяла новую фамилию дочери

Singer Pelageya rarely shares details of his personal life, but sometimes it still decides to revelations about the relationship with her husband Ivan by Telegony. So, during one of the broadcasts of the show “the Voice” star remembered how mom reacted to the news about her imminent wedding.

“She said, “what, are you going Pelagia Telegin? Well, not so people laugh. It’s the woman in the cart and in such huge boots.” Yes, it is indeed a character from a novel,” said singer.

Mentors appreciated the joke Pelagia, but came to the conclusion that the new name she is well suited. The artist said that the name of her daughter, Taisiya Telegina sounds also strange.

Alexander Gradsky decided to continue the Frank discussion and stated that he knew the reason why Pelageya married hockey player Ivan Telegin.

“I understand why she legalized relationship with Telegony. Because he has a beard that’s so huge. It’s all men with a beard was,” – said Gradsky during the broadcast.

Fans appreciated the joke of the stars, simultaneously noting that wringing really suits her new name. The coaches show “the Voice” often behave openly and directly that enthralls fans of the project.

Recall that the actress first became a mother in January 2017. A young woman hides from fans the face of his newborn daughter and rarely talks about the baby in interviews.

Recently, the star still decided on revelation, and during a conversation with Yuri Nikolayev in the “good faith” touched on a personal subject. The actress told how difficult it was to cope with loneliness.

Мама Пелагеи высмеяла новую фамилию дочери“I have had difficult periods in life. It’s time, and I didn’t have my family. You come after the concert, where the applause, stretching the hands, and the house is so loud, but silence. It’s starting to push it, oppresses. I realized that there is stagnation, including in the work “, – said the singer.

Now the star is absolutely happy in marriage with Ivan by Telegony. Despite the active creative activity, the Pelagia time to communicate with her husband and daughter. Fans do not get tired to admire the hard work of the actress and wish her regularly to keep an ideal balance between work and family obligations for many years.

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