Mother Olga Rapunzel revealed the name of the future granddaughter

Мама Ольги Рапунцель раскрыла имя будущей внучки Very soon the star of the TV project “Dom-2” will give birth to the firstborn. Olga herself Rapunzel does not answer questions about how the call of the heir. However, the mother of the young participants have their own hypothesis about this.

Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko soon become parents for the first time. Pregnancy of the young woman was very intense, and the couple even managed to leave. However, love was stronger than the contradictions, and therefore the participants “Houses-2” have once again converged on the perimeter.

Mother of Olga, Tatiana, flew from Vladivostok to Moscow in order to support the daughter in this vitally important period of life. The woman said that she is very worried for Rapunzel, because she often has to weep and to worry.

“I has suffered so much, seeing as Olga cries. And I do not want children was on the project. I want to live adult life to Dima went to work, raised the child like normal people,” shared dreams Tatyana.

According to mother Olga, her successor will be able to become a good mother. But now Rapunzel is necessary to distance themselves from the intrigues and scandals that happen on the project.

However, fans of “House-2” have a different opinion. They believe that Olga will be able to raise the baby in front of cameras, as did many other participants.

Also the mother Rapunzel has shed light on the possible future name of the granddaughter. Tatyana said that her daughter like the original versions.

“The daughter doesn’t tell me how he wants to call the baby. Olga says: “don’t say!”, such is their secret. I know that she likes unusual names — not Lena and not Kate. I know she liked the name Milan. But no matter how to call it, this is my little child”, – told Tatiana.

According to the mother star, she had a serious conversation with Dmitry on the subject of family daughter’s happiness. Dimitrenko was able to convince a woman that will surround Rapunzel love.

Olga herself does not get tired to share joint photos with her husband. She stressed that all of their conflicts in the past. Recently on the “Wedding million” it turned out that Dmitry was repeatedly unfaithful spouse while they were fighting. However, Rapunzel is not ready to terminate the relationship with her lover. She was sure that in the future they expect a long life together.

In an interview for “Дом2Life” Tatyana said that her daughter always listens to her advice. That is why a parent hopes that Olga in the near future will leave the project with her husband and newborn baby.