Mother Olga Buzova told about the monstrous marriage contract daughter

Мать Ольги Бузовой рассказала о чудовищном брачном контракте дочери
Became known the details of the scandalous divorce of TV presenter with a footballer Dmitry Tarasov.

After the news about the divorce of Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov
it took about three months, and in the press appear all new and new details
this stellar marriage. For example, mother Olga Buzova Irina spoke about
former son-Dmitry. The woman claims that before the wedding she was concerned that
the fact that her favorite daughter with scandal left from the first family, where he
the daughter grew. Besides, Tarasov harshly told the future wife that they will sign a prenuptial agreement, which in the case of divorce Olga
has no right to that claim. Unfortunately, these facts did not bother Buzova,
she believed in great love with Tarasov and was sure that this marriage is the only
in her life. And get what happened: scandalous
divorce, deprivation of material goods and, as a consequence, trauma Olga.

By the way, Tarasov, in his rare interviews says
he wants a quiet family life, scandals it is not necessary. He said 1
January he began a new life with a new
man, and the old page he turned.

Recall, from the shocking correspondence, which appeared in
The Internet, the Network got free mother Olga. “You have
keep trying, you’re a girl. You have to understand that you and pig, and very
clutter. But for the sake of a loved one can and become better. It’s little things like
to make your bed, clean up the trash, rinse the sink behind close doors
Cabinet. Your men tidy, but I have to order is not taught. Anya corrected, and
you are always very dirty. If you don’t want to do this for a loved one, then at least
for the sake of themselves and their children. No man will live with the messy,” wrote
Irina, placing Olga the example of the sister.

Based on the text, it can be concluded that the mother indicates
the unexpected cause of quarrel Olga and Dmitry: my husband daughter is tired
home the mess and dirt, and clean Buzova, apparently, only on the perimeter