Мама Ольги Бузовой зажгла в бикини под хит дочери The woman with her pulled away the yacht to the song “Little half”. Olga Buzova arranged for Irina Alexandrovna and her friends a sea voyage, during which the ladies supported the flash mob “Dance as Buzova”.

Mother Olga Buzova Irina once again proved that they are ready always and everywhere to support their famous daughter.

The closest thing an aspiring singer, conquering the top of the charts and maddening dance, took part in the flashmob “Dance like Olga Buzova”. Mom star got a still and a support group, their friends, who also famously danced to another hit Buzova “Little half”. Video Irina Alexandrovna and her friends in the main role was published in the microblog Olga Buzova.

Women literally blew up the Internet with their hot dancing, spice which was made even better by the fact that they moved to the music not in dresses. The ladies got in a rush while walking on a yacht on the Black sea, which they organized Olga Buzova. The day was hot, and clothes for the women of Mature age are left with only the swimsuits. Olga Buzova shikuet in Monaco

“That’s what I understand, you girls did! I believe they are worthy of the plot in ” Afftor burns!” Yesterday was particularly hot on the boat, as I had organised the trip on the boat my mom and her friends. Flashmob #canzonata picked up and they. It’s very funny, and the beat they got how to”, – commented on the video Olga Buzova.

Subscribers, the stars came out to the delight of the incendiary video. They argue that raskrepostitsya ladies made their day.

“Super,” “Cool old ladies!”, “Cool. The songs Olga Buzova lit all. This is national recognition. Wait for the new hits, clips”, “What great. Made my day!”, “This is so cool, positive. I have several times revised!”, “God bless all such daughters, so mom was happy and proud!”, “It is nice to see women on the boat have fun from the heart! Class”, – share impressions loyal fans Buzova.