Мама Тимура Еремеева рассекретила дорогие подарки от Спартака Мишулина According to Tatiana, the artist was generous to the boy. The woman said that Spartak Mishulin from time to time gave her money, and tried to coddle Timur. She admitted that it was thanks to the famous actor of her son appeared the first car.

For the past two months has been simmering scandal over a famous actor Spartaka Mishulina. 12 years after his death, Timur Eremeev said the whole country that he is the bastard son of the legendary artist. However, the widow and daughter were outraged by such a statement. They sued the man to court to protect the good name of his father. Daughter Spartaka Mishulina million plans to sue for libel about his illegitimate son

However, the mother of Timur Tatiana Eremeeva sure that it was the Spartak V. the father of the child, as in her life were no more men. She also said that Mishulin knew about his son and even helped them financially. Eremeeva remembered what lavish gifts did the famous actor.

“When Timur passed on the right and decided to buy the first machine — second-hand “Lada”, Spartacus gave the money to buy. And tires brought — all in the leaves, probably stored somewhere in the country. We waited for him near the house on Sadovaya-Triumfalnaya, he came down and passed,” – said the woman.

Also, the mother of Timur revealed that Spartak Vasilyevich always cared about her welfare. When he gave her the money. Also Tatiana received from him gifts for the holidays.

“Always! The neighbors in the communal hissed at me: “wow, one kid pulls, and he dressed immaculately, and things new.” Alone I the son probably not be raised. Spartak paid Timur school of music, presented accordion — remember, dragging the suitcase with the tool in our Queens, cursing,” recalled Eremeeva.

Mother of Timur admitted that he intentionally did not give his son the middle name of his father. It seemed to her that it will sound unusual, and the child will begin to tease. According to Tatyana anatolevny, Spartak Vasilyevich took her position. The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

“And the fictitious middle name. Spartacus did not mind to give his son his surname and patronymic. But I was afraid. Understand, we lived in a small working village, in a communal apartment, the neighbours met and drinking, and evil people. Middle name Spartakovich sounds strange, son may begin to tease. Explained his motives Masculino, he reacted with understanding. To argue, to put ultimatums out of his character. He was very soft,” admitted Eremeeva.

Moreover, in an interview with “Caravan of stories” the woman remembered that looked after the daughter of actor Karina at the request of the man she loved. According to her, the girl sat on her lap while he was rehearsing on stage.