Mother of the singer Cornelia Mango looks 20 years younger

Мама певицы Корнелии Манго выглядит на 20 лет моложе
30-year-old singer Cornelia Mango decided to go to popular stylist, makeup artist Gohar Avetisyan.

Мама певицы Корнелии Манго выглядит на 20 лет моложе

Cornelia wanted for her mom made trendy and modern makeup.

The result of all struck, and all were satisfied. With the right makeup mother of the singer began to look 20 years younger. The correct form of the eyebrows, long lashes, perfect complexion, bright eye makeup “did their job”.

“Today, mom’s got a feast! She never wore makeup! And now, when my mother was 18 with a tail Gohar made a gift to the mother. Thank you darling for being kind and talented hands! Mom loved it! All day today the mirror is spinning!” – shared the star online.

After the Transfiguration, according to Cornelia, her mother on the street began to pay attention, one Italian even wanted to meet you. Mom just glows with happiness.

“I think my mom now just getting married after this transformation! For any mom to feel needed and desired is very important. Let us, sons and daughters, sometimes throw surprises! I’m sure they will live for a long time of your care and love! Leaving my mom today! Going to miss you,” wrote Cornelia.

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