Мама Сергея Лазарева заступилась за сына
Recently popular singer Sergey Lazarev posted a photo, which caused heated discussions on the Network.

Мама Сергея Лазарева заступилась за сына

The picture shows Sergei himself 32 years ago and his son Nikita, an incredible likeness of the father and of the son touched by the fans. But some have begun to discuss personal life of Sergei collapsed to the contractor with criticism.

Мама Сергея Лазарева заступилась за сына

“To have a dialogue with people who are living someone else’s life, waiting for some negative events in these lives to enjoy, and if a positive event, then pour all the bile, to absorb energy – it makes no sense! I feel sorry for these people – poor, under-loved. May God give you all health,” responded the mom.

Recall that Lazarev has long concealed the fact of his father, so the news about the birth of his son came as a surprise for his fans.

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