Мама Сергея Лазарева поставила точку в обсуждении личной жизни певца
A relative of the artist is outraged that the fans of “getting in the pants” to her son.

Мама Сергея Лазарева поставила точку в обсуждении личной жизни певца

Sergey Lazarev with his mother Valentina Viktorovna

Sergey Lazarev in avoiding interview questions about his son’s mother. It is known that Nikita appeared in the singer’s life in 2014. Many fans believe that the actor resorted to the services of surrogate motherhood (although he this information is not confirmed). There is speculation that the perpetrator hides from the public the relationship with the beloved, and therefore does not mention the name mom. Recently the controversy on the subject broke out again, and mom stored before the silence, made a statement.

In social networks Valentina appealed to the followers of her son with a request to stop discussing his personal life. “Yes, he is a media person. Here and follow his work, not the pants. At his concerts people go not because of his personal life, and to enjoy the music, the vocals… to engage in dialogue with people who are living someone else’s life, waiting for some negative events to enjoy them, and in the case of positive — pour all their gall and feed on the energy, it makes no sense! I pity such people: poor, under-loved…” — with these words, Sergei’s mom put in the place of all who criticized him for what he is alleged to have deprived the son of a mother’s love.

Sergey Lazarev and his son Nikita

Photo: @lazarevsergey Instagram Sergey Lazarev

Discussion of the relative Lazarev with the fans turned harmless under the photo, where the singer revealed that the son wears his stuff. John’s mom kept a plaid jumpsuit, which the future artist was wearing in two years. Now it wears a little Nikita. “Dad and son… the difference for 32 years! And most importantly, that jumpsuit is the same. Mother kept,” wrote Lazarev. It is not excluded that from-for flood of negativity, the artist may again begin to hide the son, as he did for three years from his birth.