Mother of Sergey Lazarev entered into a dispute over his son’s sex life

Мама Сергея Лазарева вступила в спор из-за личной жизни сына Photo of the heir of a famous singer triggered heated discussions in social networks. Haters started to criticize Sergey Lazarev. Son by Valentina condemned indignant and advised to concentrate on his work and not on the outpouring of bile.
Мама Сергея Лазарева вступила в спор из-за личной жизни сына

Recently Sergey Lazarev decided to show off vintage clothing, which kept his mother Valentina. The singer posted two photos taken with a difference of 32 years – yourself in a vintage jumpsuit and son Nikita in the same outfit. Fans were delighted from touching frame and found that the boy is growing!

At the same time, critics began to discuss not just the shots with dad and son, and the personal life of Sergey Lazarev. Some particularly violent haters, began to write criticism of the star. Mother artist Valentina was quick to rise to his defense. She urged angry to calm down and stop such discussions. The woman was surprised by the negativity of some users of social networks.

“To have a dialogue with people who are living someone else’s life, waiting for some negative events in these lives to enjoy, and if a positive event, then pour all the bile, to absorb energy – it makes no sense! I feel sorry for these people – poor, under-loved. May God give you all health,” Valentina Lazareva, addressed to the haters.

Criticism of the he joined with his mother in the discussion. According to them, the personal life of any public person is of interest to the public.

“I am happy mother and grandmother, and what you want, if you will. Yeah, he’s a media man. Here and follow his work, not pants, people go to concerts, certainly not because of his personal life, and to enjoy music and vocals. You have opened your profile, I’d like to see on guru,” asked the mother of the artist to one of podeschi.

However, she continued to argue with Valentina Lazareva. “Media is not only to work,” she wrote, and put forward his version of the behavior of the singer. “I see, you live there a third, see everything. Do not choke! I gave you the opportunity to recharge. Maybe brain will work. Funny,” retorted the parent star.

Fans of Sergei supported his mother. “Yes, you do not read the comments… that’s crazy you”, “Patience to you. And good health. Thank you for your son,” “Valentina, those who love him, millions! Know this”, “that’s why he is ahead of many because they do not pay attention to the opinions of cowards and uneducated people. I believe that over the years have already developed immunity. All negativity belongs to the person from whom it originates,” – commented on the Network.