Mother of Sergey Bodrov regularly visits the place of his death

Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели To the 15th anniversary of the tragic death of renowned actor and Director, the journalist Yuri Dude presented an hour-long film dedicated to the hero of the ‘ 90s. Colleagues and relatives of Sergey Bodrov-younger has shared touching memories of him.
Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели

Last week marked 15 years since the death of actor and Director Sergei Bodrov Jr., who is considered the symbol of the cinema of the 90s and early 2000s. he died on the set of her movie “the Messenger” as a result of a descent of a glacier “Kolka” in the Karmadon gorge. On the occasion of the sad anniversary of Yuri Dude dedicated to the star of the new edition of the author’s program “wdud” on your YouTube channel.

15 years without a “Brother”: my classmates remembered what was Sergei Bodrov

A journalist talked to Sergei Bodrov, Oleg Menshikov, the former host of “the View” Alexander Lyubimov, the administrator of the crew of “Coherent” Soslan Makiev and Ossetian businessman Konstantin Garipov who have invested large funds in a rescue operation Karmadonov. The businessman told the jury how the mother of the famous actor survived the tragedy. According to him, Valentina Bodrova every year to see the place of death son.

“The year passes, we hugged as if met yesterday. She’s coming here. Can arrive the day before the anniversary. Rises, will sit near the monument, walk over the mass. I can see that she just wants to spend time with him, about something, to chat. I never go into it, it’s her own. I think… a mother, you know she’s a very strong woman,” said Garipov.
Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели

According to the man, Valentina took an active part in the search for the bodies of the crew. The woman put a lot of effort that the operation was not in place.

Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели“She was fighting us along and said: “Kostya, maybe we can ask someone to help.” I said, “it is Unlikely that we can reach”. But she said, “No, wait, maybe let’s try”. It starts to work and deal with this. In this work, when a person is not preoccupied with thoughts, but are looking into it, softened the blow. People not only thinking about it. He’s busy and he understands that you need a bulldozer. And Valentine after someone brought in a bulldozer. He helped us simply unrealistic,” – says Konstantin.
Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели

Soslan Makiev confirmed the words of Constantine Garipova. “Thanks to her we had a very many things. Whoever gave us the explosives, who are we? 127 tons,” he said.

The administrator’s last film, Bodrov also told how the tragedy has responded to relatives of members of the crew of the film “the Messenger”, many of whom were born in North Ossetia. As told Mackiev, he was nothing expressed in face but behind my back there was talk. The only person who turned to Soslan, was his childhood friend. Once, the woman turned to Makeevu with a request to hire her relatives.

Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели“When it happened, she told me: “I understand that you are not guilty, but the feeling that you have taken and not given, is”. And about the other I do not even speak… I don’t want to talk about it, but when the mother Bodrova, Valentina Nikolaevna, his abused all last words. For what he actually came for something to do with it… They said, “It’s also there.” But nobody heard, because everyone hurt her,” shared Mackiev.
Мама Сергея Бодрова регулярно навещает место его гибели

Former employee Sergei Bodrov added that considered him a very good person. “I would like to have a friend. Not because of popularity but because of the attitude to certain things,” explained Exiled.

In turn, Oleg Menshikov noticed that not once believed in the death of the actor and Director, with whom he once played in the films “prisoner of the Caucasus” and “East-West”.

“Then I believe that in a certain village there is a man who remembers nothing but lives. This is a cinematic fairy tale. It was, of course, complete denial, they say, something happened, but it is fixable. That hope faded with each passing day. This weighed very strongly and seriously,” – said the artistic Director of the Yermolova theatre.