Мать Марины Африкантовой не в силах защитить дочь от травли в «Доме-2» Member of telestroke may soon leave the show. Mother of Marina Afrikantov Tatiana made a shocking statement. It turns out that her daughter’s life in the “House-2” has turned into a real hell.

      Мать Марины Африкантовой не в силах защитить дочь от травли в «Доме-2»

      Recently in the “House-2” the competition “person of the year”, the results of which are eagerly awaited by all viewers of the program. Marina Afrikantov, who took third place, an apartment in Moscow “took” her literally from under his nose and got Olga the Wind. However, the end of the competition for the prestigious title was not the only disappointment for Marina.

      Lately life africanoboi the project turned into a real hell. It all started with the fact that a member of telestroke criticized in social media for the fact that she went back to her former lover Andrey Chuev.

      Fans of Marina Afrikantov condemned her for the return to Chuev

      “I hope Chuev have realized their mistakes and now will appreciate you”, “God Forbid, Marinochka, so, and him to you are not humiliated!”, “Andrew vindictive and vengeful person! Now he’s gonna pull you in, caress, and then make very painful”, “Marina lives how she wants and anyway she should know what her relationship with Andrew,” the discuss among themselves the relationship of the couple fans.

      Of course, this wave of negativity could not to upset Marina. After all, she sincerely shared with subscribers in the Network, their happiness – immediately after returning to Chuev, Afrikantov went with him to a romantic trip to Cyprus.

      Plus, returning telestroke, she found that she was not waiting. The participants of the show were tuned very aggressively towards Africanoboi. Marina’s mother Tatyana Vladimirovna admitted that her daughter is even thinking about having to leave the project, so it’s hard to be there.

      “Marina has a good heart, but it is torn from the pain! This persecution is reminiscent of the film “Scarecrow”. Remember when the daughter of Alla Pugacheva hunted? About the same harassment goes to the Marina. Probably “House-2″ partially borrowed manner of relationship from that movie,” said the frustrated woman in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

      We will remind, Marina Afrikantov appeared in the perimeter 6 June 2014. During participation in the “House-2” blonde has become one of the most prominent member of telestroke. In 2015, the girl began to meet with Andrey Chuyev. Their relationship experienced no crisis. Now the lovebirds are back together.

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