Многодетная мама Анастасия Мыскина ушла от любимого
The athlete announced the break with the civil husband.

Anastasia Myskina


Anastasia Myskina stunned friends and fans with an unexpected confession: she broke up with her boyfriend, Sergei Mamedov. The tennis player told the press that he had taken the decision to leave the father of her three sons due to different views on life.

“We came to this decision a few years trying to save a relationship and making this all possible. But all attempts were in vain — our life priorities and principles are more dispersed in different directions. In the end we both came to the conclusion that parting ways would be the best way out of this situation — in an open and honest thing for both of us. We remain close friends to each other, parents of three wonderful sons that will allow us to continue to maintain good relations and continue together to educate our children!” — quotes Myskina Hello.

Myskina and Mamedov for 11 years and has not reached the Registrar’s office. During this time, Anastasia was a large mother, she gave birth to her beloved three sons. The youngest of them — Paul was executed this year to five years.