Мама Джастина Бибера очень недовольна помолвкой сына
Patty is afraid that the son rushed into making a decision.

Мама Джастина Бибера очень недовольна помолвкой сына

Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin


Patty Mallett, mother of 24-year-old Justin Bieber, congratulated him on his engagement with the niece of Alec Baldwin Haley,
it turns out that she’s not delighted with past events. Learning
about the betrothal of the son, which for her was a complete surprise, Mallett reserved wished Justin and Hailey love. Recently Patty accidentally
he talked about how it really relates to your son’s party. In response
on the question from fans of Bieber, is she glad that Justin was going
to marry Hayley, the mother of the singer said: “you Know what they say: “If you can’t
anything nice to say, better keep quiet”. So I better say nothing about it!” Soon the attentive fans of the singer noticed that Patty persistently puts “likes”
on appearing on the web the stories of hasty and poorly-ended engagements…

To understand Patty is easy: today’s “stage” of the novel, Bieber and Ms. Baldwin lasted only a few weeks before
than he made her an offer. Although in the past, Justin was with Hailey short
Roman, get to know each other properly, they clearly did not. Bieber not only
did your favorite sentence, but he kept saying look
waiting for the imminent wedding. His mother is afraid that he does
serious mistake.

Justin asked Hayley to be his wife during their recent joint vacations in the Bahamas. Met
Justin and Hailey when they were still teenagers. The first round of their romance
began only in 2015-m to year, but ended just a few months
later. Their love story
only resumed this year, in June, after
Bieber broke up with Selena
Gomez. Note that, although
he was tied with Gomez for a much longer proposal, she, unlike
Hayley, it is a formal proposal has been made.