Mother of Julia Nachalova told about depression daughter

Мама Юлии Началовой поведала о депрессии дочери Taisiya Nikolaevna admitted that the singer went through a bad period. Yulia Nachalova last year parted ways with the hockey player Alexander Frolov. The mother of the actress did not hide that it was a shock for her successor.

Last year a famous singer Yulia Nachalova broke up with her partner, the famous hockey player Alexander Frolov. The couple were together for almost six years, but then their paths diverged. Mother of the artist, Taisiya, understands that her daughter was not easy to accept a relationship with the athlete.

“Julia experienced. We all have depression. But that’s OK – life goes on. Everything is alright now. We gave her advice, tried to lighten the mood, but tried actively not to go. She is an adult. She knows what’s up and how to behave. Yes, there was a nasty story. But they are normal, good guys. Well not working for some reason. This is life,” the woman told about the difficult period of the successor.

The artist understands that part of the reason for their separation was that the athlete played for the hockey team from Nizhny Novgorod, but because he often had to leave to pack. Despite the fact that Nachalova regularly visited the beloved, long-distance relationships were hard for her test. She has also noticed that gradually, they are moving away from each other – were less likely to call, there was a certain aloofness. For a long time of Julius thought of Alexander and his family, despite the fact that they lived in a civil marriage.

The actress told “StarHit” that after breaking up with hockey for a long time waiting for his steps to reconciliation. She was hoping that the man will be able to rekindle old feelings, but that never happened. Yulia Nachalova about breaking up with her husband: “I was hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything”

Despite the fact that parents often want children more likely to start a family, Taisiya not pushing my daughter to a new relationship. Nevertheless, the woman knows what qualities should have chosen Nachalovo to be her a wonderful pair.

“We do not insist that Julia was married. And even talking about it with her are not. At her age you don’t have to listen to us, – says the mother of the artist in conversation with the newspaper “Sobesednik”. – We with the father mind, her choice to be a normal man, her same age”.