Мама Алексея Воробьева боится за его жизнь после измены Nadezhda commented on the recent events in the life of the heir. Recently, the musician admitted in a social network, that faced with a betrayal of girls. The mother of the artist explained how after these events, she feels her son.

      Famous actor and musician Alexei Vorobyov, completely immersed in the work. At the moment he is abroad, where he participated in the filming of the picture. The actor told his fans that he returned for a weekend in Russia, he learned about the betrayal of his girlfriend. Earlier the young man almost never spoke to the followers of his beloved, laying out shots where you could see a silhouette of the beloved. Buzova supported Vorobiev after the betrayal of his beloved

      Mom Vorob’eva Nadezhda Nikolaevna always aware of his relationship with the opposite sex. The woman said that this breakup has given Alex a hard time. According to her, the heir having a hard time with the fact that he was again unlucky in his personal life.

      “It hurts the soul of the son. It is sad to see Alex suffer, because he really believed that this time, I met the one worth living! He loved her very much and the coast of their relationship from prying eyes… But not in vain, he I was born in the Baptism. The Lord loves him and therefore takes away from the random people that are not intended and should not be there,” said Nadezhda.

      The mother of Alexei was familiar with many of the girls met the musician. She believes that her son has not yet found the one the only one that will be loyal to its disadvantages and wait for a young man from a tour.

      “My son is very sincere, and can be fooled into thinking that this girl assigned to him by fate, but God sees everything. I believe that the fate he was released that he didn’t make a mistake! His love is come,” – said Vorobyov with mom Wday.ru.

      Recall that in 2016, the year Alexei took part in the project “the Bachelor,” which appeared in the TV channel TNT. However, after the show, the young man was not able to find a bride. He felt that the feelings of the finalists was insincere. However, the star does not exclude that will soon tie the knot. “I grew up in a big family, always wanted kids, and was sure that I would. Don’t know how and when such things are meaningless to plan. I just feel like my life is coming soon,” said Alex.