Mother Milana’s Kerzhakova drunk after her husband’s death

Мать Миланы Кержаковой спилась после смерти мужа Last year was a real nightmare for the Milana Kerzhakova. After the death of Senator day the girl left the husband, and the mother needed treatment for alcoholism.
Мать Миланы Кержаковой спилась после смерти мужа

After the scandal with his ex-wife Catherine Safronova player found peace in the arms of the fragile daughter of the St. Petersburg Senator. Modest as the bride herself, the wedding, a quiet life in a posh country mansion, and the birth of the long-awaited heir – everything was perfect, but was only an illusion. Today 24-year-old Milan announced that her husband has kidnapped their son.

Milan Kerzhakov: “my Husband stole my child”

It turned out, problems in the family Kiriakovich started a year ago. Then the girl shared shocking details of his marriage to journalists, which were not made public at the request of the Milan. In an interview, she admitted that the trouble came to their house with the death of Vadim Tyulpanov, who died last April. To cope with the loss of a loved one could neither Milan nor her mother. According to Kerzhakova, Natalia Tyulpanov began to drink.

“She was left alone, she has nobody. She lives in a huge apartment, her son spends time at the cottage, and she is constantly alone. How did she behave? I suggested that she treated, but she said she doesn’t want. Sasha said, if my mother is an alcoholic and a drug addict, then it is a private matter,” admitted Milan.
Мать Миланы Кержаковой спилась после смерти мужа

Milan admitted that for many months could not cope with the death of his father largely because of the lack of support from the husband. “It’s one thing when you get behind a man that I will cover and support, and a completely different story when that man there,” – said the player’s wife.

In addition, she admitted that Sasha has repeatedly cheated on her.

“I knew about all these women. What can I do? To throw it? I can’t. I hacked into his Instagram, there is not far to seek: the first correspondence Direct, he some woman writes: “I’m so excited for you on your farewell match, I need you, please come.” Who is this woman, what is this I don’t know. He has such a million,” said Kerzhakov.
Мать Миланы Кержаковой спилась после смерти мужа

Milan admits that until recently tried to save his family, and refuses to believe that Danny would marry her. “I’m Sasha never slander will not. At first he was helping me, he loved me. But it did not last long — for a month. After that he became tired, maybe, like any other man. All I need is love and support. That’s all. Only love. Come and hug me, say everything will be okay.”

Gordon divorce Kiriakovich: “If the case goes to court, Milan will repeat the fate of Safronova”

In conversation with the portal Milan also admitted that her husband got her a dirt — a video in which she is depicted in a state of intoxication, was made a month after the death of her father. “I was barely alive. I don’t care what I say there as I say. In the video, I come after the auction drunk, can’t get up, cry and pray that he didn’t leave me. I just scored like a small animal – I ask that didn’t leave me,” admitted Kerzhakov.

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