Mother Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey

Мама Меган Маркл дала интервью Опре Уинфри

The public is very interested in any details of the future Grand wedding Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Most attention is given to the bride of a grandson of the British Queen. Stirs interest in the former actress not only of American origin, but some facts from the biography of her family. According to some before the wedding will be an interview with the mother Meghan Markle, which she gave to Oprah Winfrey.

Мама Меган Маркл дала интервью Опре Уинфри

“She had been at the mansion of Oprah Winfrey for more than six hours! The interview will be released, likely before the wedding,” reports the insider.

Megan once said in an interview about his mother Doria Raglan and her struggle for the rights. The daughter she taught to appreciate what has her family. One of the vivid memories of Megan sees the visit with his mother in the slums of Jamaica, where she helped Doria with a charitable purpose. Reglan is a social worker, and assistance to the population is its responsibility. In an interview with Winfrey’s mother Markle will talk about their difficult lives and the education of her daughter. Details of the meeting and Doria Oprah yet, but all believe that the interview will be a sensation! Paparazzi noticed Redlan coming out of Oprah’s mansion in Santa Barbara — in the hands of their mother Meghan Markle carried the gifts, which traditionally receives every guest with Oprah.

She Megan glad to see not all the relatives at my wedding. The edition of Us Weekly has information from insiders, which provides that certain relatives of Megan on his father, with whom she went wrong relationships, are going to appear at the wedding of a former actress and Prince Harry. We are talking about stepsister Markle Samantha Grant, nephew Tyler Dooley (son of brother Thomas, Meghan Markle, Jr.) and his mother Tracy. “Megan is worried about some members of his family. She hasn’t spoken to them in years… She lost sleep over relatives who had deceived her. Because of them she was most worried after the engagement,” – said the insider.

Indeed, the relationship with the half sister she never had. Samantha Grant has previously stated that it intends to write a book called “Diary of sister Princess upstart” and publicly scolded Megan on his Twitter page. Half-sister, as well as some other relatives, did not leave without attention the review of Prince of familiarity Markle with the Royal family. Harry said that his lover now had a family, which has never happened before.

A source close to the bride and groom says that Megan is trying to relax before the wedding and not to pay attention to family conflicts. Indeed, why worry? After Megan takes liking the Queen of Britain. “Sources with whom I spoke, said she had a feeling that Megan will play a positive role in the life of Prince Harry, that she will make him very happy and will always support him”, — said the writer.