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Мама Марины Анисиной обижена на Джигурду A relative of the Olympic champion sure are unable to get to his daughter’s wedding with Nikita Dzhigurda due to planned action for the future son-in-law. Marina admitted that now the incident has an impact on the climate in her family.

Despite a series of scandals, Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina have decided to resume relations. The news that the celebrity couple has reunited and is awaiting addition to the family, became a sensation. In a recent interview, the skater said about another conflict, which has long been a mystery to the public.

“At our wedding did not have parents on both sides. My mom prorocols passport, we sent her the document to France, but he came late because of a strike by local workers. However, she decided that it was on purpose that this Nikita faked. Then mom was very offended” – Frank tells Anisina presenter of the program “Family album”.

Also the skater has shed light on the details of the wedding, which took place in 2008. It turns out that the young woman was late for a wedding for 40 minutes due to the fact that not managed to finish hair and makeup. “I had a very beautiful dress, but to wear and to wear it was not easy,” – says Marina in an interview.

Unlike her husband, Nikita was able to quickly make friends with the mother of his eccentric partner.

“My mother adores Marina. Says she’s the only one I can stand”, – says Nikita Dzhigurda in an interview for the program “Family album”.

Recall that in late November 2016 Marina Anisina has issued an official divorce from her controversial husband, then moved to France with children. However, in may of 2017, there were rumors that the athlete was pregnant for the third time.

“Nikita said he to me never changed, but the former women has not been canceled. When I filed for divorce, he resumed relations with Lyudmila,” – says Nikita.

After years of litigation and battles over the estate of Ludmila Bratash, the pair still managed to restore the relationship. In an interview Marina said the children didn’t even know about the impending divorce of her parents.

“They live in France and don’t know all of the scandals associated with the name of the father” – continues to tell the sports star.

By the way, the mother of a skater communicate with their grandchildren, and Anisina often share joint photos of his large family. Apparently in the Marina and Nikita, there is complete idyll, and after a few months they will probably become parents for the third time.