Mother Marina Anisina those holding a grudge against Nikita Dzhigurda

Мама Марины Анисиной держит обиду на Никиту Джигурду
For a long time in the Network the main topic of discussion was the scandal that arose between the ex-spouses Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those.

Мама Марины Анисиной держит обиду на Никиту Джигурду

But in the end the couple is reunited, forgiving each other grievances. Recently Anisina spoke with reporters and told of one incident which had not previously publicized.

“At our wedding did not have parents on both sides. My mom prorocols passport, we sent her the document to France, but he came late because of a strike by local workers. However, she decided that it was on purpose that this Nikita faked. Then mom was very offended,” said Marina.

I hope that this time Anisina and Dzhigurda will appreciate each other and live happily ever after.

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