Mother Marina Afrikantov younger by ten years

Мать Марины Африкантовой помолодела на десять лет Fans of “House-2” did not appreciate her miraculous transformation. According to many, the image of America after cosmetic procedures is the result of skillful retouching. At the same time, Marina Afrikantov States that her mother hadn’t had so many compliments as I do now.

      Мать Марины Африкантовой помолодела на десять лет

      Participant of “House-2” and her mother Tatiana Afrikantov recently visited the plastic surgery clinic in Dubai. There are 60-year-old mother of the stars of the reality show miraculously looked ten years younger. The reason was that several cosmetic procedures, including Botox injections, exfoliation and a special mask. Did Tatiana Afrikanova one of the best specialists in the Emirates. After visiting the clinic Africanlove he wrote in his “Instagram”: “Marina and Tatiana, it was good to see.”

      Мать Марины Африкантовой помолодела на десять лет

      According to Marina, the doctor addressed her mother, really knows his stuff. She wrote in his microblog that he is working very well, confidently and without question, and immediately see the problem areas of their patients. Afrikantov also expressed his pleasure from the acquaintance with such a highly qualified specialist and said that her mother hadn’t received so many compliments after a visit to the clinic.

      However, subscribers to Africanoboi enthusiasm for treatments for her mother did not share. According to many of them, a picture supposedly magical Transfiguration Tatiana Afrikanova is the result of skillful use of retouching, beautiful makeup and better photography than in the frame “to the procedures”. “Concealer works wonders”, “Photoshop”, “at that age need not cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery”, “Very funny, in the picture on the right it was just made up”, “Unnatural photography”, “So you can see real results, you need to take a picture of Tatiana no makeup,” wrote many comments in the publication of Marina. Others began to resent the fact that Tatiana decided to go to the clinic. “You are so beautiful”, “why do I need to look younger than your daughter?”, “Better, like my grandmother, to do sports, take care of themselves, not to be nervous and even 85 look high at 70!”, — shared his opinion of the fans Afrikanovich.

      We will remind, Tatyana Afrikantov came to the project “House-2” in December 2015, to support their daughter Marina was in a difficult relationship with Andrew Chevys. Over time, however, Tatiana was the star of the show, actively participating in the life of telestroyki.

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